Still not using artificial intelligence in your business? Or not sure what AI tools to use? The need for a diverse range of digital content has never been higher. Leveraging software designed for creating and refining AI-generated content can improve quality and accelerate the rate at which you produce your marketing materials.

Let’s dive into the current benefits of AI and how it’s changing how we produce content of every kind.  

5 Ways to Use AI For Content Creation

1. Ideation

Not sure what your demographic wants? Head to ChatGPT to ask what both your primary and secondary demographics are interested in. This eliminates the guesswork, as the software scours the internet for current trends.

2. Accelerated Research

In a recent change, Google now places AI-generated search results and AI-generated spam above traditional search results. AI spam is content designed for clicks, not for engagement or benefit. This change makes it more challenging to find what you’re researching.

Tools like Perplexity cut through the noise. Type in what you need data on, and it populates spam-free studies and other official sources.

3. Content Optimization

Many of your third-party software and tools have AI features. Here are a handful of examples:

  • Canva: Automatically color corrects images, adjusts eye placement, sound edits background noise, and more.
  • WordPress Elementor: Suggests titles for your heading tags.
  • TubeBuddy: Analyzes YouTube thumbnails and the quality of video titles.
  • Provides primary and secondary keywords for articles, curates content, and scores the likelihood of page rank success.
  • Grammarly: Utilizes machine learning to plagiarism check and edit spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.

4. AI-Generated Content Production

AI-generated content is far from perfect, but it can accelerate production time.  

  • Use ChatGPT to write the first draft of ad copy, product descriptions, emails, blogs, social media posts, content outlines, video scripts, and more.
  • Use Midjourny to edit existing photos with AI. From standard editing to adding motion graphics. Or create stylized animations and life-like images.
  • InVideo transforms your text into a voiceover and mass-produces shorts for social media marketing.

5. Cross-Channel Content and Repurposed Content

AI can be utilized to rapidly create a cohesive mix of content. It all but eliminates manual size editing of images and graphics so that you can use the same design on multiple marketing platforms.

For repurposing your video content, TubeBuddy suggests which section of longer videos can be turned into shorts.


AI-generated content production saves you time, but it requires a human touch. It aids in innovation and completes in minutes what takes hours to complete manually. This empowers you and your team to invest more time in personalizing your content to your brand and target audiences. 

What AI doesn’t do well, is storytelling. For videos that engage and convert, Leo Pixel Studios has you covered!  

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