Motion Capture Services

In the fast-paced world of commercial production, the demand for captivating and innovative content has never been higher.

Facial Capture Excellence: A hallmark of our services, facial capture adds a new dimension to storytelling, authentically capturing every emotional nuance for characters to express themselves with unparalleled realism. 

Leading Creativity: Leo Pixel Studios stands at the forefront, providing an entry point to unparalleled creativity through our cutting-edge motion capture services. 

Tailored Solutions: Whether aiming for lifelike character animations or visually stunning effects, our comprehensive motion capture suite caters to the unique demands of the advertising industry. 

Robust Body Capture: At the core of our services is a robust proficiency in body capture, powered by state-of-the-art motion capture cameras. These devices meticulously record every movement, ensuring precision that elevates visual storytelling in commercials. 

Expertise in Refinement: Our expertise extends to tracking, retargeting, and animation enhancement, refining captured data for seamless integration into commercial projects. 

Actor-Centric Technology: Our lightweight adjustable head mounts prioritize actor comfort while seamlessly integrating with the capture process, ensuring natural and unrestricted movement. 

Precision Lighting Kits: Illuminating your vision, our precision lighting kits capture every detail with clarity, setting your commercial apart. Trust Leo Pixel Studios for post-processing and meticulous finishing touches after the capture process. 

Polished Masterpiece: We refine your project into a polished masterpiece, resonating with authenticity to leave a lasting impression on your audience. At Leo Pixel Studios, we transform your vision into a commercial that stands out. 

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